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Sea Mar Behavioral Health Centers
Grays Harbor
Behavioral Health Department

Welcome to Sea Mar CHC Behavioral Health Services.


Sea Mar has been providing behavioral health services since 1985.  We have expanded our services to 13 outpatient sites, 4 inpatient treatment centers, and two recovery houses. Our services can be found in eight counties across western Washington. 


We believe that every child, youth, and adult can recover and re-establish a meaningful life despite mental illness and substance-abuse addictions.


We are committed to providing holistic intervention utilizing evidence-based models that have proven to be effective in treating mental-health and substance-abuse disorders in our clients.  Since our inception we have been very successful in providing culturally competent services that meet the specific needs of our clients. 


Our client-centered approach to treatment helps patients to learn how to deal with the illness, and understand the progression, symptoms and management of the diseases.  All mental-health and substance-abuse clients are treated with dignity and respect and their voices are heard.


We partner with each client in developing a treatment plan that is meaningful and outcomes-based in order to help all that we serve to reach recovery.


We look forward to serving all who need and can benefit from our programs.



Claudia D Allegri, MSW, EMMHS

Vice President

Behavioral Health Services

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Behavioral Health Services

·    Individual, family or group counseling/therapy

·    Case management

·    Outreach and referrals

·    Health education

·    Highly structured recovery environment

·    12-step meetings

·    Nutrition classes

·    HIV/AIDS education

·    Smoke cessation

·    Comfortable sleeping accommodations (inpatient centers only)

·    Well-balanced meals (inpatient centers only)

·    Supportive staff on site 24-hours a day (inpatient centers only)

Behavioral Health Department

8915-14th Avenue S, 3rd Floor

Seattle, Washington 98108


Hours of Operation:

8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Phone: 206-766-6976

Fax:     206-424-2002