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Medical Education at Sea Mar CHC


Sea Mar is committed to providing students and visiting residents outstanding learning experiences at our 35 medical clinics throughout Western Washington. Sea Mar's Department of Medical Education offers clinical education opportunities in the form of rotations and observerships to medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant students as well as medical residents.

The Department of Medical Education has a centralized process of approval and placement for all students (MD, DO, NP, PA) and visiting residents. This process is only for rotations with independent medical providers.

Sea Mar's clinical rotation application will be opened for a duration of one month on a quarterly basis: April 1st, July 1st, October 1st, and December 1st of each calendar year.
Our visiting resident and shadowing applications will remain open on a rolling basis be closed in the months of April, July October and December. Placement with Sea Mar Community Health Centers is subject to staff availability and timely completion of the requirements listed below. We also offer Sub-Internship (Sub-I) opportunities for qualified medical students and our ACGME accredited residency programs.

Aside from evaluations required by their programs, students and visiting residents will be asked to complete a short evaluation of their experience at Sea Mar at the end of their rotation. Placement with Sea Mar Community Health Centers is subject to staff availability and timely completion of the requirements listed below.

Requirements for Clinical Rotations:
  • Sea Mar's Department of Medical Education offers clinical rotations to medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant students. If you are pursuing a dental, nursing or a non-clinical internship please contact Sea Mar's volunteer department.
  • An affiliation agreement must be in place between Sea Mar and your school/institution. If you are unsure of this, please contact your school coordinator

  • At this time we are not processing new affiliation agreements with educational institutes.
    Please note, we are currently partnered with most colleges and Universities here in the state of Washington and many across the country.
    Due to the high number of requests for student placements, we are only able to consider those in which we currently have an established affiliation agreement.


Requirements for Visiting Residents:

Sea Mar welcomes visiting residents to our clinics for electives, rural/underserved rotations, and other experiences.
If you are a resident who has already rotated at Sea Mar and would like to do another rotation with us- you don't need to submit another application, please contact us at: SeattleMedEd@seamarchc.org.


Requirements for Sub-Internship:

Sea Mar hosts a four-week hospital sub-Internship, affiliated with our Marysville Family Medicine Residency program. Sea Mar’s sub-I application is available January 1 - April 30 of each year.
If you are interested in completing a Sub-I, please visit the Sea Mar Family Medicine Residency Program on how to apply.

Requirements for Shadowing:

Graduate School Students, Physician Assistant Students, Nurse Practitioner Students and Medical Students are welcome to shadow a medical provider. All other shadowing requests, please apply through our volunteer department at here, you can also email your request to our volunteer department at Volunteer Coordinator. Please note that this is not a clinical rotation. Shadowing opportunities are limited to 40 hours. The shadowing application is open most months except for April, July, October and December.


After you complete the application, the Medical Department Residency Coordinator will reach out to you requesting the following required documents;
  • Resume/CV (submitted with the online application)
  • Statement of interest in a learning opportunity at Sea Mar (submitted with the online application)
  • Proof of COVID Vaccination
  • Proof of current Tuberculosis Test or other acceptable documentation of TB status
  • Vaccination records showing proof of current MMR, HEP B, Tdap, and seasonal Influenza vaccinations
  • Signed criminal background check form
  • Signed confidentiality agreement
  • For laptop and EHR privileges: signed laptop and security agreements
  • Proof of HIPAA certification (for clinical rotations and visiting residents)
  • Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance (for visiting residents)
  • Appropriate state licensing (for visiting residents and nurse practitioner students)

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