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Liability Coverage

Sea Mar Community Health Center is a grant recipient from the federal government for much of the services it provides to our patients. As part of the assistance from the federal government, Sea Mar and its provider staff are provided liability coverage as though Sea Mar’s providers are employees of the federal government. Therefore, any claim for professional liability against a Sea Mar provider covered under the scope of Sea Mar’s federal grant need to be presented to the United States, submitted first as an administrative claim to the U.S. Public Health Service Claims Office. This applies to Sea Mar’s medical clinics, dental clinics and outpatient behavioral health clinics. This will not apply to services and programs provided by Sea Mar which are outside the scope of Sea Mar’s federal grant. Those services which are not within the scope of Sea Mar’s federal grant include inpatient and residential behavioral health services, the assisted living facility, the skilled nursing facility, and home care. Please contact us if you have any questions as to whether a particular service is a part of Sea Mar’s federal grant such that claims are to be made to the U.S. Public Health Service Claims Office.

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