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Sea Mar Farmworker High School & College Scholarships

2023 – 2024 Scholarship Recipient

"This scholarship isn't only about money but a reminder that I'm not in my journey alone. Sharing the news of receiving this scholarship to my family was a fun experience because none of us had ever experienced receiving such a generous donation. It made them feel supported because there isn't much help for immigrant families that work really hard for their kids to go to college".

Pablo Silva Vasquez, Sea Mar Scholar and Student
at Western Washington University

Sea Mar recognizes and acknowledges the barriers children of farm working families face in their pursuit of a college degree. Economic strains, as well as the language and cultural barriers can often affect these students.

Sometimes students need to work after-school and all summer to assist their family. Sea Mar is proud to provide annual scholarships to help make college a reality.

*For the purpose of awarding this scholarship, Sea Mar's definition of a farmworker is someone whose principal employment is in agriculture, fishery, forestry labor, or dairy labor. It does not include farm, ranch, feedlot, food- or meat-processing, or any owner or child of an owner of an agricultural or dairy business.

Who Can Apply?
  • Students who work or have worked OR, whose parent/legal guardian is or has worked as a farm worker
  • High school senior, incoming college students and college students, who show commitment to their education, demonstrate leadership and care about the community
  • Exhibit financial need due to individual/family hardship
  • Will be enrolling as a full-time student in a higher education institute the upcoming academic year
  • Are not applicants who have previously been a recipient of this scholarship either as a high school student or college student. Students are eligible for one Sea Mar Scholarship at the undergraduate level, and one Sea Mar Scholarship at the graduate level.


Applications will open January 1, 2024 and will close April 15, 2024.


To apply, applicants must answer essay questions, provide a copy of their transcript on an online application form.




Contact us at Scholarships@seamarchc.org

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