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Volunteer Program FAQ
I just submitted my online volunteer/intern/extern application. When can I turn in my paperwork?
You may begin submitting your paperwork as soon as possible. To streamline processes to become a volunteer, reach out to Sea Mar locations and sites in which you are interested in volunteering at and ask about any volunteer opportunities or needs within that specific site. If a site supervisor expresses need and interest in you volunteering, contact the Volunteer Coordinator regarding the expressed interest.

I already have background check results. Can I submit those?
No. All background checks for volunteers/interns/externs with Sea Mar must be run internally by our office. Please fill out the Sea Mar Background Check Request form and send it along with your other clearance paperwork.

I have TB test results from 6 months ago or longer. Can I send those in?
No. We cannot accept TB test results that are not recent within the last 6 months. Please complete the TB Clearance Form provided in this packet and refrain from sending in confidential medical records to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Does Sea Mar pay for TB testing for volunteers/interns/externs?
Yes, Sea Mar does cover the cost of TB testing.

Do I need to make an appointment with Sea Mar or my own provider for TB testing?
Some clinics require that you make an appointment while others accept walk-ins. We recommend calling ahead of time to make an appointment.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?
Make sure to take the letter included in this packet to your provider along with the clearance form for their signature. Once you receive the results of your test, make sure your provider signs off on the clearance form before sending it in to the Volunteer Department.

What if I test positive for TB?
If you test positive for TB, the provider will have you scheduled for a chest X-Ray to evaluate whether or not the TB is latent or active. If the TB is latent, you will be cleared once our office receives a copy of your chest X-Ray results. If the TB is active, you will need to start treatment immediately.

Does Sea Mar pay for treatment for volunteers/interns/externs with positive TB tests?
This is situational. If you are a current Sea Mar volunteer who has already been cleared, and you test positive for TB at your 6 month checkup, Sea Mar will pay for the cost of your treatment. However, if you have not volunteered with us before and are in the process of applying, Sea Mar will not cover the cost of treatment should you test positive for TB.
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